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Why Levolution?


A standardized platform enables entrepreneurs to focus on their main goal and to create a lasting solution for the masses.


Our platform adapts to changing market conditions and allows our users to resist any resistance.


Levolution’s technology ensures that you have the most up-to-date tools and the most reliable technical base.


As the premier token building platform, an ITO supported by Levolution will have the full confidence of the market.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use, transparent and secure platform to reduce costs and eliminate learning curves when introducing ITOs while introducing solution-oriented community analysis and ideas, making the ITO process more accessible, seamless, and efficient and become more productive.


Our vision is to create and develop the world’s leading utility token incubator with end-to-end solutions for blockchain entrepreneurs.

About Levolution

The Levolution platform is an innovative solution designed to address various barriers and current barriers to utility token offerings. We believe that the utility token offerings, if they are a good target for a specific project, are an incredible fundraising tool that can break down the often insurmountable donor wall that prevents entrepreneurs from starting their projects. However, the mechanism is still inaccessible to those unfamiliar with the world of cryptocurrency and token offerings.

The Levolution platform will help those who want to leverage the value of token offerings, regardless of their experience, to build, develop, market, launch and optimize their project.

We are aware that the market for cryptocurrencies is very volatile and even hampers successful ITOs. Levolution aims to help entrepreneurs solve this problem by providing a variety of services during and after the ITO that help make projects not only sell tokens, but then become a thriving business.

The Levolution Platform aims to protect against scammers, criminals and unscrupulous projects. To be presented on the Levolution platform, projects are required to do justice to our internal knowledge (“KYC”), anti-money laundering (“AML”) and due diligence process, including a legal opinion the token. The Levolution Platform wants to present the best projects and make Levolution the leading ITO platform for developers and contributors.

The Problems

People protect their money.

Nearly $ 18 billion was invested in the first half of 2018. However, only just over $ 3 billion has been invested in the second half of the year. (ICO rating)

ITOs and ICOs can not deliver enough.

Around 50% of the announced ITO projects could not reach more than $ 100,000. (Bloomberg)

The drop in the value of cryptocurrencies has used up the funds spent by ICOs.

In January 2018, each ETH contributed around $ 1,098. By October 2018, each ETH has been valued at around $ 205. A great success for ICOs who have left their revenues in Crypto.

Many "experts" are wolves in sheep's clothing.

False or grossly exaggerated “crypto experts” – those who claim to be highly skilled in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and inflated emerging ICOs actually provide advice based on untrustworthy and unreliable sources.

Our Solutions

Campaign Builder

Campaign Builder aims to simplify and streamline the campaign architecture, including tokens, intelligent contracts, and wallet generation.

Generating Participants

We serve and develop relationships with an extensive network of sales teams located in token-friendly areas around the world.

Trust Service

Market fluctuations parallel to the token offering process pose a significant challenge because the cryptocurrency used to purchase the tokens can vary dramatically during the pre-sale, pre-token offering, and token offering phases.

Service-Provider Marketplace

When starting your ITO, work with the best and most trusted service providers selected and verified by the community.

Introduction to the LEVOLUTION PLATFORM

The Levolution platform helps blockchain entrepreneurs create, develop, market, launch and optimize their project. In combination with unique, customizable solutions such as a custody service and post-ITO services, subscriber acquisition will ensure the long-term success of ITO projects. (Video only in English)



  • Dec-2018

    • Private Sale
  • Q4-2018

    • Create Levolution Platform Concept
    • Create Levolution Platform Architecture
    • Concept Gathering with Advisory Team
    • Launch Levolution Platform Blog
  • Jan-2019

    • ITO
  • Q1-2019

    • Issue ERC20 tokens to ITO participants
    • List Levolution Token at Crypto Exchanges
    • Start Levolution Platform Development
    • Feedback Gathering for Platform Optimization


  • Q2-2019

    • Exclusive Access to Levolution Platform Preview
    • Feedback Gathering for Platform Optimization
    • Offering Levolution Advisory Services
    • First Service Partner Announcements
  • Q3-2019

    • Announce First Listed Campaigns
    • Launch of Android App
    • Launch of iOS App
    • Launch Levolution Platform BETA
  • Q4-2019

    • Launch Levolution Platform
    • Launch Complementary Service Provider Marketplace
    • Launch Web Based Wallet
    • Launch Platform API BETA
    • Integrate Custodial Services
    • Integrate Post ITO Services
  • Q1-2020

    • 1st Levolution Keynote
    • Announce Exclusive Campaign Listings
  • Q2-2020

    • First Finished Campaign Offering
    • Launch of B2B Platform API
  • Q3-2020

    • 2nd Levolution Keynote
  • Q4-2020

    • Reach 60% Market Share
    • Support All Major Currencies

Allocation of Token

Token Allocation

  • ITO
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Reserve
  • Team/Advisor
ITO 45%
Development 10%
Marketing 5%
Reserve 20%
Team/Advisor 20%

Fund allocation

  • Operations
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Partner
Operations 20%
Development 40%
Marketing 30%
Legal 4%
Partner 6%





If you like to have detailed information about the Levolution ITO, please feel free to download the Documents.