Third exchange listing

After long research and negotiations, the team has decided on a third exchange which will list the LEVL Token.

In an effort to find the best exchange for the status in which the Levolution project finds itself, the Levolution team has spent a great deal of time reviewing various offers and gathering metrics from several crypto exchanges that have expressed interest in the project.

After months of research, the decision has now been made to list the LEVL Token on a third exchange. The name will be announced shortly in agreement with the exchange.

We currently expect a listing date within the last week of October 2019 and first week of November 2019. This timeframe is subject to the technical requirements for the integration of the LEVL token.

It was of high importance that the team selected an exchange which appeals to a different trader segment, in comparison to the exchanges that the token is already listed on. The segment targeted now is a more private trader and “hodler” (traders who have tokens that are relatively young but have potential, buy and hold) oriented segment.

In addition to standards such as security, technology and liquidity (which are a priority for the Levolution team), the exchange has over 1 million visitors per month

and an enormously large community that has been developed over the course of several years. As a result of the listing, Levolution not only expects increased interest in the token, but also an extension of the reach in the crypto world.