Levolution listed on Coineal

We are excited to announce that LEVL (Levolution) is listed on Coineal. Deposit and withdrawl is available from 14:00 Apr. 1. LEVL/BTC trading is available from 14:00 Apr. 2. (CET, UTC+2).

In perfect alignment with its roadmap, Levolution surpassed its softcap of 14000 ETH at the end of its ITO round and achieved another milestone, the listing on Coineal.

The Coineal Advantage for Levolution.

Coineal has been ranked among the top-ten exchanges as per CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and Coinhills while boasting a monthly volume of $13Bn.

With its mammoth 2 million user base, this global crypto-exchange will empower Levolution to spread its vision to as many crypto-enthusiasts as possible.

Almost 98% of the digital assets on Coineal are stored in a multi-signature cold wallet, with the platform strengthened by the highest quality risk-management system. Every LEVL transaction on this exchange will enjoy the utmost security, thanks to its effective distributed architecture and its powerful Anti-DDoS system.

Another feather on the cap is Coineal’s unique SuperCoin™ rapid trading system, which will enable high-speed trading and withdrawal of all tokens, in turn, bolstering the liquidity of LEVL tokens.

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