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Challenges of Launching an ITO in 2019

Launching an ITO isn’t an easy task. There are various barriers to entry when launching an ITO. Luckily, Levolution has developed a virtual incubator to help you overcome those difficulties. It wasn’t long ago that online blogs and financial articles across the web were reporting staggering profits from ITOs. Practically every financial expert who had scoffed at cryptocurrency was kicking themselves for not investing much earlier.

Eventually, however, unpredictable fluctuations in many coins became too much for even the most die-hard participants, causing values to fall. Even though there is still some good press and many groundbreaking projects, the public has turned a skeptical eye toward ITOs — and the projects they hope to fund. Regardless of the offering, there’s been a widespread failure across enough projects that potential participants are understandably nervous.

But great ideas can’t be stopped and technology forges ahead, regardless of the difficulties. Entrepreneurs are still eager to create technology using the blockchain. But, as they do so, they need to be aware of the potential hurdles they’ll need to overcome to see success as the market continues to evolve.

Lack of Trust

The average ITO contributor likely knows a little about the blockchain and all its promises, but general knowledge doesn’t mean that they really understand how it works. Despite their lack of understanding, many people are still interested in being involved in blockchain projects because they can see the potential of the underlying technology.

However, when you consider the ever-increasing skepticism (largely due to a few, well-publicized scams) and the over-saturation of the ITO market, creators in 2019 can expect to be met with indifference (or worse, hostility) rather than enthusiasm.

Increased Regulation

ITOs face such huge odds that some never make it to their promised launch date. Project creators have to ensure that they’re legally compliant with an ever-growing number of legal regulations. When you consider the fact that most companies are launching globally, that just adds to a number of legalities they need to consider. With little experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations, they’re often buried in the weeds before they can meet their milestones. This lack of experience plays out in different ways for every company, but the end result is the same. Despite the clear interest in tokens (whether for philosophical or financial reasons), many ITO launches can’t get the traction they need.

Resource Shortages

When an ITO needs legal, marketing, or business advice, they’ll often seek out more experienced partners. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges for ITOs in 2019 is that many of these “expert” service providers aren’t all that they first appear to be. There are plenty of third-party service providers waiting to give ITO creators fake legal or marketing advice. They promise they can get around the many legal barriers that stand in an ITOs way. They claim to be blockchain experts, able to find contributors in unlikely places. They claim that they have ins with major influencers. But in reality, many are content to just take the money and run, leaving the entrepreneur holding the bag.

How Levolution Plans to Fix These Problems

Levolution was started because its leaders didn’t want anything to stand in the way of an entrepreneur’s potential. By offering a new ITO launching platform, Levolution can help project creators break through the many barriers that hold them back. It’s an all-in-one platform that anyone can use to get started. Their team has the technical experience and business acumen to implement all the right strategies at all the right times. They also have a global network available to them, giving them the ability to expose ITO projects to an entirely new market of potential participants.

Their unique service provider marketplace will help project creators to find the very best advice, whether they need help with marketing, legal counsel, or business development. Their team has the business know-how to help creators not just during their ITOs, but well after, helping to ensure their long-term success.

ITO project creators who want the right advice can’t rely on just anyone — there are simply too many challenges to overcome. Levolution was built as an answer for ITO launches who want to reduce their risks while increasing their profits.

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