3 Things We Learned from ITOs in 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, it’s a good time to assess and evaluate the activity of ITOs. After the staggering success of 2017, it’s clear that while excitement has waned in recent months. As the novelty wears off and the scammers start to come out of the woodwork, some people may even believe that ITOs are drying up. But cryptocurrency has the potential to deliver on every last one of its promises if the industry can get their act together. Luckily, there are plenty of lessons that enthusiasts and contributors alike can take from this year to build themselves up for 2019.

Down, But Not Out

Few markets have been more precarious than cryptocurrency. The promise of a decentralized platform is at war with the practicality of completely disrupting the natural order of payments. Developers argue over how to scale cryptocurrency and their in-fighting makes participants nervous enough to back down. Banks and government officials raise an eyebrow to the whole concept of money that exists only in a virtual universe.

And yet, 2018 proved that new ITOs are still being funded and launched. Despite hesitation, there are plenty of people who still believe in the power of cryptocurrency. Plus, there’s still plenty of profits to be made, which in turn, attracts top talent to the industry. The more people are working on crypto, the more likely it is that someone will devise a way to push crypto from interesting idea to worldwide phenomenon.

Levolution is a new kind of platform that ITOs can use to help them catapult from where they are to where they want to be. If cryptocurrency is going to hang on to any of its momentum, the industry needs to start making some bold moves. Levolution makes it possible for project creators find third-party vendors who can put new ITOs in front of people who have both the interest and the disposable income to take a chance.

ITOs Need to Show Their Practicality

This year further proved that to be valuable, ITOs have to offer concrete benefits to the public. As it is now, most people still see cryptocurrency as an investment strategy as opposed to a way to spend money. Tokens created for a special event may be practical for a short time period and then become ultimately worthless right after it ends. But tokens have the power to cut down on transaction fees, fraud, and frustration.

Paper currency is not only cumbersome, but it’s also time-consuming to use and easy to lose. In larger cities like Los Angeles, many of its sidewalk cafes and food stands are going completely cashless to improve their customer experience.

And while a credit or debit card is undoubtedly convenient, the chances of it being hacked at some point are, unfortunately, rather good. Instead of people having to cancel their card and change their information for every recurring payment they make, cryptocurrency can offer a secure payment platform to organize, manage, and manipulate their finances.

In addition to replacing cards and cash, cryptocurrency makes it possible for companies to start taking micropayments without being eaten alive by the processing fees. As more and more websites put up a paywall, cryptocurrency could be exactly what we need to start paying for only the things we really want. The key lesson here is that ITOs need to find a way to showcase their assets in a way that the average consumer will both remember and want to share with people they know.

Levolution runs on the Ethereum blockchain, a cryptocurrency that has made scaling its utmost priority. As Bitcoin enthusiasts battle the benefits and disadvantages of hashing, Ethereum streamlined their service to ensure that more people would have access to the currency when the time came. Cryptocurrency is a more convenient way to pay than practically every other alternative, and Levolution makes it easy to prove this to your contributors.

ITOs Need to Plan Ahead

Plenty of ITOs saw interest and funding at the time of the launch. However, as they struggled to keep their head above water, they ultimately couldn’t sustain the business because they weren’t prepared for the practical matters that came next. They ended up trusting the wrong people or acting without considering the full consequences of their decisions. From legal violations to a lack of resources, it’s clear that ITOs need to really understand their business model if they’re going to succeed in a competitive landscape.

Levolution was designed to make it easier for project creators to make better decisions before, during, and after the launch. Their service not only weeds out potential scammers hoping to take advantage of new players on the market, it also has a campaign management tool that makes it easy for project creators to keep track of the many details that need to be addressed.

The campaign manager runs on a custom blockchain communication service that is designed to interact with the platform and your smart contracts. You can access local and remote nodes using only an HTTP or IPC connections. And even if there are delays in the blockchain, you’ll still be able to quickly retrieve the results you need so you can adjust your strategy for maximum success.

2018 might not have been seen the global success of cryptocurrency that some may have predicted, but it certainly did teach enthusiasts and entrepreneurs plenty of lessons. And what we have learned is that this industry is by no means prepared to fizzle up and blow into the wind. It’s still a new and exciting industry, one that will continue to grow and develop and attract top talent to its ranks. Levolution is here to ensure that ITOs have the resources they need to capitalize on this revolutionary market.

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