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About Levolution

The Levolution platform is an innovative solution designed to address various barriers of token offerings.

Through the platform we will help those who want to leverage the value of token offerings, regardless of their experience, to build, develop, market, launch and optimize their project. This means every single step can be done on the platform.

Moreover, Levolution aims to help entrepreneurs by providing a variety of services during and after the ITO that help make projects not only sell tokens, but then become a thriving business. For this, Levolution is building a trusted service provider marketplace and building a network across the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Levolution is a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs with the idea of launching their own token offering, even for the less technical ones. Through our revolutionary platform, everyone with an idea can turn it into a reality cutting drastically costs inherent to such an offering. On the Levolution platform, campaigns can be run from start to finish offering the ability for entrepreneurs to create, launch, market and optimize their token offerings.

  • The Levolution platform has been developed from scratch by top developers in Germany. The platform uses the latest technology available and we work hard on update it on a regular basis. This stands for security standards as well.

    The best part is that unlike other competitors that ask you to full out a form and they will generate everything for you, on the Levolution platform you are in control all the time, and have all necessary tools and features to customize and optimize your campaign to your needs and market conditions, without loosing the simplicity in the process.

  • Please refer to link: (video/presentation of how to launch a token) tba

  • To launch a project on the Levolution platform, the projects team members need to verify their identities, show a business plan, website and legal opinion.

  • To be a service provider on the platform the business must submit their website, corporate presentation, team members need to verify themselves and references need to be provided.

  • Every project submitted to the platform is analyzed thoroughly by our team. We focus on the viability of the project, analyze the team members, study the utility of the token and the value the project brings to the table.

  • The LEVL Token fuels the platform and can be used to:

    • Pay for service providers
    • Participate in projects showcased on the platform at preferential rates
    • Reward collaborations between the community and showcased projects

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